Based on research and field visits to Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria - a self-proclaimed republic between Ukraine and Moldova – the video piece “Nation State of Mind” imagines a future of alternative state governance.


Emergence of new forms of administration and policies in the territories that can be characterized as Borderlands – an understanding of a zone that performs but also breaks, contradicts and subverts the rules of the place or the idea that it confines, an active and productive space, where existing paradigms can be challenged and new ones emerge.


“Nation State of Mind” looks in particular to the border conditions associated with institutionalization of a physical terrain - jus solis v. jus sanguis – an understanding that is one of the pillars framing the modern myth of nation-state accompanied with hymn and flag, a territory and a people.


We look beyond that physical terrain and understand the modus operandi of Borderland - a state transgressing the territoriality, the State of mind and the State of global citizenships.


“Nation State of Mind” constructs an image of global state where different territories and spaces with different purposes overlap each other without clear boundaries - fragments of customs, languages and identities blurring into each other.




post-nation nationalism

video (post production) -- 2016