14th District is a collaboration between METASITU/metamatic:taf and the 86 Film Festival within the framework of MitOst’s Tandem Ukraine program. The project is set in Slavutych - the youngest city in Ukraine, and the last planned city built in the whole Soviet Union.


Initially built to house the population of workers of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station after the explosion, Slavutych mobilized the support from different autonomous governments from the whole Soviet Union. They each provided a masterplan inspired by a different Soviet city: Yerevan, Baku, Leningrad, etc.


We are interested in reflecting on how urban contexts are translated from one city to another. In order to do that, we propose creating a new ‘district’ based on the city of Athens.


3000 years vs 30 years of history, yet, similarly to Athens, Slavutych is operating in contexts of emergency and instability.


The project consists of a spatial intervention in the city of Slavutych done by a group of interested locals, based on their experience of Athens; documented in video.




an execercise on urban translation

spatial intervention + documentary -- 2016/2017